Idea: Bridging Financial and Sexual Wellness in Estate Planning

Idei Biznesa
3 min read · Jun 04 2024
As we navigate the complexities of modern life, our personal well-being often intertwails with our financial security. For many individuals and couples, there's a crucial aspect of their lives that remains disconnected from their broader financial plans: sexual wellness and reproductive health. Let's delve into an innovative idea that promises to bridge this gap.

Overview of Problem

Despite advancements in sexual health awareness, access to tailored advice on sexual wellness as part of comprehensive estate planning is scarce. Individuals are increasingly seeking ways to incorporate aspects like fertility options and inheritance structures for non-traditional families into their long-term financial strategies. Current solutions fall short in providing integrated services that address both these vital areas simultaneously.

Existing Solutions

Existing services typically separate financial estate planning from sexual and reproductive health consulting. While there are numerous platforms offering either one or the other - such as life insurance companies or telehealth services specializing in fertility - there is a clear lack of integration between them. This fragmentation can lead to gaps in service delivery and missed opportunities for holistic advising.


The concept proposed by Wellness Estate Planning introduces an AI-driven platform merging financial planning with personalized consultations on sexual wellness issues. The service includes AI questionnaires aligning sexual wellness needs with financial goals, secure telehealth sessions with experts, investments in biotech innovations related to sexual health, and a customized dashboard for clients. It aims to fill the current market void by offering a comprehensive solution that respects privacy while promoting overall well-being.

How It Will Help Customers

The Sexual Wellness Estate Planning service is set to revolutionize how individuals approach their long-term well-being by integrating sexual health into financial security measures. This dual-focused platform will particularly benefit those who have felt their unique health needs were not adequately considered in traditional estate planning. With a personalized AI-driven questionnaire, clients can ensure that their estate plans reflect their values and lifestyle choices, including provisions for fertility treatments or support for non-trivial family structures. The secure telehealth consultations provide privacy and convenience, addressing the needs of potentially millions who seek discreet advice on sensitive matters.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing this innovative service will hinge on highlighting its unique value proposition: the seamless integration of sexual wellness with financial planning. Content marketing could emphasize the importance of considering all aspects of one's life when preparing for the future. Strategic partnerships with financial planners, sex therapists, and biotech labs would create referral networks and enhance credibility. Monetization could follow a subscription model for ongoing advisory services, commissions from life insurance policies tailored to individual wellness needs, and revenue sharing from client investments in promising biotech startups focused on sexual health innovations.

Building Prototype

To rapidly prototype the Sexual Wellness Estate Planning platform without extensive coding, leveraging no-code tools like Bubble or Adalo could be an efficient strategy to build a functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product). These platforms allow entrepreneurs to design custom user interfaces and workflows that can integrate AI questionnaires and secure messaging features necessary for initial testing with potential users. If more complex features are required such as advanced data encryption or integration with external APIs from telehealth services or biotech labs, then some coding might be necessary to ensure robust functionality and compliance with regulations like HIPAA.